He’s Already Prayed You Through Your Battle

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: August 8, 2021

Amber Pierce – When I heard LeAnn sing, “You’ve never lost a battle yet”. I heard some of you think, yes, He, yes, He has lost a battle. Some of you think that He’s that, He’s lost some of your battles, but that’s not the truth. That’s a lie. You just haven’t seen the results yet. The victory’s already been won. You just haven’t seen it yet.

Chuck Pierce – Decree right now, He is already praying me through, He has already prayed me through. I am coming through! Give a shout

LeAnn Squier – He’s already prayed me through, Yeah You prayed me through

Chuck Pierce – He’s comin’ through on your finances. He’s comin’ through on your health. He’s comin’ through on your relationship. He’s making you confident.

LeAnn Squier – You prayed me through Lord You’ve already prayed me through. Haha. Oh you prayed me through to victory And I’m on the other side of this thing even now. Even now, You’ve already prayed me through, Oh prayed me through.

Chuck Pierce – Speak it to your inner man Speak it! Let Him speak it from deep within you. He’s saying I can come out of that grave that’s trying to surround you. I can push away the stone that’s trying to cap and seal you in in some thought. Lord we say we’re coming through.

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