Hidden Mysteries Will Become Fresh Revelation

Voices: Barbara Wentroble
Date Given: January 1, 2022

Barbara Wentroble – For the Lord would say that this is the time when I am calling you to come into a place you’ve never been before. For even as it was with the Apostle Paul when he said “I was in that place.” And he said, “I saw and I heard things that I’m not even allowed to speak.” I say I’m catching you up into a place and that that has been mysteries in days past will no longer be a mystery. For I say I am breaking through with fresh revelation. I say you will see what you have never seen before. You will hear and understand what you have never have understood before. God says, “This is the time that I’m breaking you into a place so that the mysteries that were hidden in ages past will become fresh revelation to you. And you shall know the Will of the Lord, you shall be able to step into that that you could not see in days past. You will understand words that you could not understand before. I say this is the time that I’m breaking the power of the mystery and I am turning it into fresh revelation for My people.”

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