His Blood Broke the Curse of the Crown of Thorns

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler
Date Given: April 12, 2020

Linda Heidler – We need to understand the crown of thorns because thorns were the result of the curse. And when those soldiers put the crown of thorns on Jesus, they basically were saying the curse rules here. The curse rules and you’ve failed. And the curse is what’s gonna sit on your head and you’re gonna be known as the one who was crowned with the curse. But He took that curse for us. But when He went to the grave and He took that curse, that crown did not come up out of the grave with Him, that crown did not come. And instead where He stands today, thousands of crowns are cast before Him.

The crowns of the elders, the crowns of the saints, there’re crowns of redemption and there’re crowns of salvation and there’re crowns up deliverance and there’re crowns that say “the power of the curse “was broken and it is broken forever.” And I stand redeemed because He took that curse. He took that crown instead of me taking it. And forever, forever that curse is broken for anybody who will exchange this crown for His crown. Today, that offer is open to you, that crown of the curse does not have to be yours. He offers you today a crown of redemption, a crown of salvation, a crown of deliverance. His in exchange for yours and yours in exchange for His. Because that’s how much He loved you. Lord today we declare our crowns are yours. I can’t wait to put my crown at your feet, to say this kingdom, this kingdom is subject to You forever and ever and ever.

Chuck Pierce – Now, put your hands around your head. Take your crown of shame and lay it before Him and watch Him pour His blood and grace upon your thoughts, your mind. Take your desires that are not in align with Him. That leads you into lustful ways that caused you to move in ways you shouldn’t. Put them, take that and lay that crown before Him and watch Him pour His blood filled with grace down upon you. Watch a new glory rest upon you. Your greed, your covetousness, your jealousies. Father, we are humbled because you humbled yourself and became obedient and entered into joy for our freedom.

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