His Blood Covers Our Scars

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Marty Cassady
Date Given: October 26, 2020

-Marty Cassady – This morning when I was getting ready and worshiping, I heard this song and the word that stuck out to me was “scars”. “Scars.” And the Lord began to say, “There’s none of us, none of us who haven’t suffered scars of some kind.” But in that time with Him, it was like He came down He said, “Marty put your arm out.” And I saw every wound and every scar. And I saw Him come down and mark my right arm, my mighty right arm because of Him, with the blood of Jesus over those scars. And He says, “Lift your arm and hold it out and say to the enemy, see this blood, See this blood, see this blood over my scars. See this blood.”

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Decree right now that scar tissue, I mean physical scar tissue. Whether it be in your emotions or whether it be in your body. That’s hindering your movement will begin to dissolve. Decree it right now. Decree it right now. Scar tissue that is hindering the movement of your future. We say dissolve.

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