His Fire Is Cleansing Our Bloodlines

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Jane Arenas
Date Given: November 15, 2020

Jane Arenas – Y’all, I just had an experience last night that I’ve never had before. It’s very weird, but the Lord was in it. I was getting ready to go to bed and last Saturday, my friend and I, we went to McDonald’s and we got a kids meal ’cause I didn’t grow up getting kids meals everyday. So I was like, let’s treat ourselves. Very innocent, right? And I didn’t notice the doll that I got until last night. And I looked at it and I said, let’s see what kind of doll I got. And it said on there, Scarlet Witch. And I said, oh, I’m in trouble now.

Chuck Pierce – What’d you do with it?

Jane Arenas – So I asked the Lord, what do I do with it?

Chuck – Yeah.

Jane – And He said, burn it.

Chuck – Would you burn it?

Jane – And I said– I asked him again, what do I do? He said burn it. So Thiago, my husband, had to come from work to help me burn that thing. It burned all the way and the flame of it was burning all the way until I felt the Lord said, it is finished and the flame just went out like that. There is something that God is doing in His people and He is getting rid of all the things, even in our bloodline, even in the places that we thought it was innocent but the enemy was in it. He is removing that stuff from the people of God and the power of God will be greater in the body of Christ than that in the world.

Chuck Pierce – Now, within you is a fire that can turn the enemy into his own fire. Decree right now, there’s a fiery furnace stirring in God’s people right now and we’re ready to walk in a new way.

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