His Ventilator Has Been Made Active

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: May 6, 2020

  • Susan Shaulis

I just heard a divine exhale and the Lord says all the anxiety and fear that has been bound up at the lower levels of the lungs. Has now been released from my people and from Nations throughout the earth. It was as if I heard a bellowing out. From the depths of people and Nations and finally they felt as though the could breathe again and bring forth the live force that has been trying to be stopped up in this earth realm. And he says breathe! Oh, breathe! Oh, breathe! Oh, bellowing people! For I, have released the land to breathe again.

  • Chuck Pierce

Mary Ellen came for this session she said the ‘The Lord told me to bring a bellows’ Only God could do stuff like that. Father, right now we say you are causing us to gain new breath. You are causing us to gain new power. Father you’re intoxicating us with your breath. Father, anxiety is lifting off the earth. We will not be held captive to this anxiety and fear! Father we say right now! You are blowing it off and your people are in agreement with you. Now, I hear the Lord saying that we are to agree with this. After, right this moment. His ventilator has been made active. And something is shifting, now you feel it shifting. His ventilator is being made active, in every State, in every Nation. In all of us, who have been his remnant to cross over. Father we receive this divine interaction. James, just send us out with this anointing

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