Hope Deferred Will Pay

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: November 25, 2018

– [Lisa Lyons] – You may remember a few months ago, I had a testimony where we found out my husband, we had a pension coming from England that we didn’t know about. And as it turns out, we found out yesterday that that pension could have been claimed five years earlier. And so there was five years of deferred payments that are coming back to us, that were due us and it’s more than I could have imagined. It’s going to do some incredible things in our lives and the Lord told me yesterday, He said, “I’m making hope deferred pay. I am making hope deferred pay. I prophesy all to you now. I prophesy it in the body of Christ. You rise up over Hope Deferred, you look it in the face and say, “You’re going to pay, you’re going to pay. And I’m coming up out of it.”

[Chuck Pierce] – All of you on the web, you shout it right now, Hope Deferred will pay! Bless two and three people around you when you give today. You say Hope Deferred is paying up, and call back a multiplication.

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