Hosanna is Being Sung Again

Voices: Chuck Pierce, James Vincent, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: April 19, 2020

Susan Shaulis – When he was entering in the king, and they were singing Hosanna they had no idea that they were singing Hosanna to the blood and the body. They had no idea that impervious nature of the blood, was going to save and deliver and set free. They had no idea that the wisdom and the revelation of God had entered in, in a way that no death spirit could defeat. They had no idea that the blood the powerful character blood of Jesus was going to be shed so the world could step into the life force of the blood and of the life of heaven. Know that hosanna is being sung again with the revelation of the power of the blood and the body.

Chuck Pierce – Let James lead us in this procession and decree right now. I think we don’t know who we are half the time, and that blood and the spirit we’re carrying. Decree right now, that you will step forward and breakthrough will happen in every step.

James Vincent – Let’s sing it out. ♪ Hosanna ♪ ♪ Hosanna ♪ ♪ Hosanna ♪ ♪ Hosanna ♪ ♪ Blessed is he who comes ♪ ♪ In the name of the Lord ♪ ♪ Blessed is he who comes ♪ ♪ In the name of the Lord ♪

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says your promises are starting to surround you your prosperity for the future is starting to come into your atmosphere. Decree it! Step into it!

James Vincent – We shout Hosanna, you are the God of salvation, you are the God who holds answers in his hands, ♪ Hey, ohh ♪ ♪ Hosanna ♪

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