I Am Blowing on the Seed of Faith to Form Highways

Voices: Chuck Pierce, James Vincent, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: June 26, 2020

James Vincent – ♪ Let the four winds blow ♪ ♪ Let the four winds blow ♪

Susan Shaulis – And the Lord says, “I’m blowing, the four winds are blowing, on this seed of faith.” And He says, “it’s going to be like gale force wind in the Earth realm.” And He says, “Impossible things are going to become possible.” And He says, “Where you’ve not seen movement, movement is going to begin to happen, so know that the four winds are blowing on the seed of faith that has been dormant in the bones that have been broken, and now is the time that they will merge and converge, with the four winds, and a great explosion will happen within the Earth realm.”

Chuck Pierce – “And have I not said that new highways have to form, so I’ve gotta blow from the valley up, and I’ve gotta blow from the mountain down to form the highways for the future. I say certain nations that weren’t aligned, will be aligned, certain groups that would never have joined hands, will now join hands. I say as I’m roaring from Heaven, I am also causing the Earth to rise up, and new highways that the enemy cannot travel upon are now forming. I say let go of the chaff that’s been around you, for it’s about to blow away. Let go of that agreement with enemies for they won’t be able to walk on the same road as you. I say to you, things now are changing because I’m roaring from Heaven, and Earth is beginning to respond.”

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