I Am Calling the Gifts of My Spirit Out of the Cave

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler, Lisa Lyons, Shatece McLeod
Date Given: April 11, 2020

Lisa Lyons – One of the places that the children of Israel, the Lord had them camp, translate the mouth of the cave. And I hear the Lord saying that I’m going to put My mouth on the mouth of your cave in this season and I’m blowing My spirit into empty places. Into caverns and crevasses in your bank where you’ve never had the spirit before. The Lord says I’m putting My mouth on the mouth of your caves and giving resuscitation and blowing new life with the presence of My spirit.

Chuck Pierce – And I say just as David hid out in the cave, during the time where Saul was trying to stop the new move, I say now My people who are hid out, I’ll start calling out, said the Lord. I say this is a time of calling the prophetic gifts out of the caves. This is a time of calling the miracle workers out of the cave. This is a time for raising up and calling the harvest out of the wine press. This is the time of calling the healers out of the cave. I say in those old storehouses called church, I had gifts that never came forth. I say I am calling the gifts out of the cave called last season’s church.

Anne Tate – And the Lord says that the healers will be those who have great revelation on the blood of Jesus and are able to stand and defy illness because of the revelation and the understanding and the speaking to the blood.

Linda Heidler – And the Lord says the structure of my church has to change. My church has got to change. The church has become too concerned with counting their mint and their cumin and they have begun to neglect the weightier issues of justice and mercy. The Lord says I’m blowing into those empty places and make room, make room, make room for My spirit to move you in new ways. Make room for My spirit to bring you new revelation because you’re not going to get the harvest counting your mint and your cumin. You’re going to get the harvest through mercy and justice.

Chuck Pierce – And I hear the Lord saying, I hear Him saying this, if you and your bloodline had religious forces that negated the spirit of God, you need to renounce that now for My spirit is what’s moving in the Earth realm. I am seated at right hand of the Father, and My spirit, Jesus is saying this to us. Holy Spirit speaks, Jesus speaks, Father speaks. I say to you the word speaks and I am telling you, I am seated at the right hand of the Father, interceding for you to see the spirit of God moving in the Earth. Open your eyes and know My spirit this hour. Shout!

And the Lord said no more rubbing on people and telling them “It’s okay that you don’t believe in the spirit.” Without them connecting to the spirit in the Earth, they cannot ascend in worship. Quit lying to My people. I say to that religious spirit, My people must embrace My spirit this hour. My people must embrace My spirit this hour.

Shatece McLeod – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And I say it is My spirit that sends forth. I blew on My disciples and caused them to receive the spirit then sent them forth. I say to you, I am blowing again, I am blowing again, I am blowing again, and I say I shut down religious forces and what comes up will be that which remains and cannot be shaken. I say to you I’m blowing again.

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