I Am Changing the Course of America’s Sound

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 18, 2020

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord said, “It will be intense for you come December. Know that the intensity begins in December and you will have to have wisdom from the prophets and the timing of heaven to say what you need to say.” For the Lord says, “I am changing the day in America. This is My choice to do. This is My choice of realignment. And I say resistance is rising, resistant forces, but I am changing a day. And I say the voice of the Latino people will become louder beginning this year.”

The Lord says, “Get ready, their voice will get louder and louder. Their movement will become strong and I say, even though you have been an influencer, I say I’m liberating you into leadership in a new way. So I say, get ready to lead troops into the battle for freedom of this land. And Chicago, I… You’ll visit Chicago, you’ll visit Philadelphia, you’ll visit New York, you’ll visit Newark, you will visit El Paso. I say, get ready, I am changing the course of the sound of America and you are being called sound barrier breakers in Jesus name.” Let’s give a shout.

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