I Am Coming Now to Rock the Boat

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: March 7, 2021

Robyn Vincent –

The Lord says that it is I who send the wind. It is I who send the waves. All things are truly working for good in this hour. The Lord says, I am sending the wind and the wind will stir the waves. And the world’s waves will begin to hit the boat that you have found yourself in. For, I am coming now to rock the boat. I am coming now to rock the boat. I am sending the winds of my spirit. I am sending the waves. The Lord says, this is an hour. I am causing you to step out of the boat. So you can go into new dimensions. so you can step on to new dimensions and then to new depth. So it to me says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce –

Wow. Now I want you to think about where we were last year on March 7th. We’ve had a whole year of fighting-breathing. We’ve had a whole year being afraid to breathe. We’ve had a whole year of breathing stale air. The Lord says I’m sending a wind. I’m sending a new breath in I’m causing the waves to rock every boat that has been in the harbor of mediocre. I say to you, get ready, the wind is about to blow.

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