I Am Coming to Visit Big Media

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: May 6, 2020

Keevy Phillips – The Lord is saying, “Even now, I’m getting ready to visit the big media houses “of the land.” Says the Lord. The Lord says, “I am coming down to visit the medium “that is communicating to the land, “that is not allowing the lands of the Earth “to be who they’re called to be.” Says the Lord. “I am coming to deal with the spirit of communication, “that is not aligning with me,” says the Lord. “I am going county, by county, and parish, by parish. “And city, by city, and neighborhood, by neighborhood. “All across the Earth to see who’s aligned with me. “And to see who’s speaking my word,” says the Lord. “Know this day, big houses of media, “you have been warned by the Lord God Almighty. “Shut your mouth in Jesus’ name. “If you are not aligned with my will, “and if you are not aligned with what I’m saying, “shut your mouth, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. “I am coming down to show myself as the King of Kings, “and the Lord of Lords. “I am the Master of the skies,” says the Lord. “I am the Master of Communication,” says the Lord. “And if you are not going to align with me, “shut your mouth now, in the name of Jesus.”

LeAnn Squier – This watch, I think it was at noon today, and Chuck was prophesying. And I felt the Lord reach down on top of my head. And He pulled something that was like almost like a, something that covered my full head. It reminds me of a stocking that you’d pull over like to rob a bank or something. I mean, but I could feel the bunching of the material at the top. And He slipped it off and there’s something about that we’re recovering a memory of who we really are. And this thing was like a veil of sort, to hinder that communication that was just prophesied about.

Chuck Pierce – “I say I’m removing a familiar, “film that is surrounding you. “I’m causing that familiar film to be rolled away. “I say even the afterbirth from last season “is being removed. “And I say because of that your eyes will say, “oh my, I have not seen this, “but I say to you, you will see now. “The desire you have for My enemies to fall. “I say there’s a desire I’m putting in my people, “to watch the enemies fall. “Not to rejoice over their falling, but to watch them fall. “I say now the film has been removed, “and you will see the projection, “that I have for the future.”

LeAnn Squier – Did you just notice how what Chuck prophesied they were all media words. Film, projection, even like the projection in a movie theater. I just saw that. So Lord we just say the communication of the Lord is going forth in this hour.

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