I Am Creating a New Choir of Heaven and Earth

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Tiffany Smith
Date Given: January 2, 2022

Chuck Pierce – The Lord says, “I’m creating a new choir “in the earth realm. “I am causing harmonies that you have never heard “to come together. “I am beginning to amass a sound “that only I can orchestrate. “For in that army of earth there will also be “the host of heaven and they will resound with you “and they will rejoice. “And I say, as you walk in the field that I’ve given you, “the field will begin to spring up before you, “and you will have baskets formed from the sound “that you are bringing in. “And it’s those baskets of sound “that will harvest My fields in days ahead.”

Tiffany Smith – I just have to share something. On Friday my daughter was in the kitchen and she sliced the tip of her finger off, her pinky off. And we went through this process of getting it stitched back together and everything. And when I was talking to my husband about it, he said, ’cause he just bought her a guitar, and he said, “Tiffany, that’s the finger that causes the harmonies to form on the guitar.” And he began to speak into the identity and the healing process that we’ve been going on through our family, ’cause we’ve been in such a healing process and our daughter has too. And so I just wanna decree that every plan of the enemy that has been sent against you to cut off your identity, to cut off your sound, to cut off your harmony. It’s broken in the name of Jesus. And I thank you, God, that your blood is beginning to flow through every place that needs healing. And we’re gonna have sensitivity. We’re gonna be able to harmonize and fully release the sound and the identity that we’re called to walk in.

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