I Am Creating New Ministry Vehicles for Your Children

Voices: Amber Pierce, Barbara Wentroble, Chuck Pierce, Deborah DeGar, Jane Arenas, Maggie Wallace, Penny Jackson, Venner Alston
Date Given: April 16, 2022

Maggie Wallace – ♪ He comes on wings of glory ♪ ♪ He comes ♪ ♪ He comes ♪ ♪ He comes on wings of glory ♪ ♪ Catch the wave, catch the wave ♪

Jane Arenas – Singing in the Spirit

Maggie Wallace – ♪ All the splendor of heaven ♪ ♪ All the splendor of heaven ♪ ♪ All the majesty, all the majesty ♪ ♪ Comes with Him ♪ ♪ All the angels bow before Him ♪ ♪ And all the saints ♪ ♪ They throw their crowns at His feet ♪ ♪ They throw their crowns at His feet ♪ ♪ So we join with the angels ♪ ♪ We bow before Him ♪ ♪ We cast our crowns at His feet ♪

Amber Pierce – When Jane was praying in tongues, I heard the Lord say, “I’m dealing with the lies of the enemy that he’s put into the atmosphere.” He said, “I’m dealing with the lies of the enemy that have gone into our children.” He said, “Right now, I am challenging, I am challenging those lies. I am raising up a standard against those lies that have gone into our children.”

Chuck Pierce – Wow, He said this. Also, to add exactly what Amber was loosing, I have prepared the way even for your children to come, but there are blockades on their paths, and I must create new vehicles for them to drive past the blockades. So watch, and watch how they go forth. Warn, and warn them of blockades ahead. But know this, I am already building those vehicles that will get them through to their destination.

Michelle Hadley – And I also hear the Lord say, “Don’t block them in with religious structures or religious mindsets of days of old.” I hear the Lord say, “It’s not gonna look like what it looked like when we came up.” Let them be who God created them to be. If they’re a wild bunch, let them be a wild bunch. God’ll reel them in when it’s time. He said, “But let them go forth the way that He’s calling them to go forth. Let them be, let them be, let them be.”

Chuck Pierce – Now, welcome Venner Alston, Apostle Venner to prophecy into what she’s hearing.

Venner Alston – “For even among that generation,” says the Lord, I have designated generals among them. They are young in age, but there is an anointing to lead. And didn’t I say that your sons and your daughters shall prophecy and you will begin to see My destiny unfolding in them in amazing ways? And they will go to the schoolyards and they will go to the parks and they will go to the places that they frequent and they will begin to hold revival gatherings even at a young age,” says the Lord. “So I say to you, watch over them, and steward over them and do not hold them, but release them into My move for they are hearing My voice in incredible ways. I will have a generation. That generation are your grandchildren and your great grandchildren and your children. They are arising. So I speak to this generation now, and I say you do not need to wait until you are 20, until you are 30, but we call you forth now and we release you to stand as the generals that you have been anointed to be.”

Deborah DeGar – And the Lord says, “I will teach you how to walk through this season, so I say to you, do not attempt to do it in your own strength, for I will teach you how to move and I will teach you what to say in the moment that you are to say it, for I say there will be a weight behind that which you say, and that weight will catapult you forward, and you will not see the days of regression any longer. For I will not allow you to back up, but I will cause you to go forth with mobility and with speed. And I say, I will bring forth the generations and I will bring forth even those who have sat to the side and have felt that their days are over. I’m about to raise you up again. And I’m about to call you forth out of that death structure that you have allowed to encompass you. I say your best days are ahead, and I’m about to do a great and a new thing. So I say, take hold, for the war has just begun.”

Barbara Wentroble – “And I say where the enemy has come and has tried to twist My image in My people, and in that young generation, I say I’m coming with a supernatural power of God in this hour. And I say, I’m going to begin to untwist,” says the Lord, “that that has brought confusion, that that has brought My young generation into an image that I did not create. I say, I’m going to untwist the false image,” says the Lord, “I’m going to come in a new way, and I’ll say even that that would cause them to be a seed generation, to look as if they were the last generation. I say, they’re going to be the generation of Zion,” says the Lord, “for I’m going to recreate in them that that I begun even in the beginning. I say, I’m going to cause them to be transformed, to be untwisted into the image and the likeness of their Maker. So I say this will be a day of freedom for this young generation. I say, I will untwist the confusion. I will untwist the misunderstanding. I will untwist everything that would hide their true identity, so I say, watch and see My miracle-working power,” says the Lord, “for I’m raising up the Zion generation in this hour.”

Penny Jackson – And we break off in the name of Jesus any curses over that generation, any word curses that we have spoken over them, anything that we have put on them because we have compared them to us, like we have it all together, and we don’t. So we break off anything that is a hindrance to them. We say, we do not put you in a box. We want you to be exactly as you were made. We call you forth, we stand back, we honor and respect you and we say, do your thing.

Chuck Pierce – Wow, wow, wow!

Robyn Vincent – The thing that I heard the Lord say, that in past seasons we’ve been those who restrained them, we’ve been those who restricted Him, but the Lord is saying, “I’m looking for those who will kick open the gates,” “who will kick open the gate so that they can go and do what they were created to do.”

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