I Am Drawing Hidden Strength Out of You

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 10, 2020

– Brian Kooiman

And there’s a breaking in God’s people.

Chuck Pierce

I say to you, I’m going deep in you to cause that in you to rise up. And I say, I’m giving you strength to hoe a new garden. I’m giving you strength to plow a new field. I say to you, “Get up and get ready.” Get ready ’cause a minute the day breaks, you will start plowing into the new. And you might say, “Oh Lord, it’s been a hard season and I have no strength.” But I say I’m drawing strength from the bottom of your feet. All through your system that you didn’t know, you had. You will plow the field. You will plant, and then you will harvest.

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