I Am Fulfilling Desires in My Set Time

Voices: Susan Shaulis
Date Given: December 18, 2022

Susan Shaulis – When we were doing the taping for the worship for “On Christmas”, I had an experience that I think is gonna speak to many of your hearts. As a young girl, I used to watch my neighbors go to church. And I saw something in them that I was not experiencing with my own family. And I used to go and literally knock on their doors and ask them to take me to church, but nobody ever did. But here’s the thing, God knew the desire of that 10 year old and her heart. This is what happened that day. We ran worship and we were singing, “O come, let’s adore Him”. We used to only go to church one time a year and that’s because my grandma asked us to go on Christmas Eve to light candles. All of a sudden during worship, the Lord plucked me up by the spirit and He took me back to a time when I was singing that with my parents and my family. And I tell you what, it was the most glorious thing that I ever experienced. That desire was fulfilled. But here’s the second part. He brought me back and plucked me right back into the family here. And as we were singing it, something so shifted in me that I can’t explain it, but I know that all of that was redeemed from the past and restored to a place that only God could have done that. So this year, as you sing and adore to your King, know that the desires that have been unfulfilled, He will right at the set time, come and fulfill that according to His purpose and His plan.

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