I Am Healing Infirmities in the Throat

Voices: Susan Shaulis
Date Given: March 15, 2020

– [Susan Shaulis] – I was up most of the night praying, and I saw those healing angels come in. And there was one thing the Lord said to me that before we take communion, he wants to heal throats. He wants to heal throats for any infirmity that has touched it. Now that extends from cancer, radiation, any kind of element that has touched your throat area, your esophageal, because you are unable to shout the way the Lord desires for you to shout and to voice the word of the Lord the way this season is calling for you to voice. So right now, put your hand on your neck, right on your throat area. I declare vocal chords are opening up. I say the spirit of infirmity that’s tried to touch Judah, and its voice is coming off. I declare that now, all of the throat region, where there is inflammation and inflamming, is being removed by the authority, by the blood, the precious virtue of the blood of Jesus, so know your shout will be strong like a roar, and your voice will penetrate the darkness of night. Oh people of God, roar with your voice.

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