I Am Healing Numbness to My Spirit

Voices: Chuck Pierce, James Vincent, Ramiro Pena
Date Given: March 26, 2021

James Vincent – What I began to see is that the Lord was physically healing numbness that there was physical healings of numbness. And there was a kind of like a something equal in the spirit. Something analogous in the spirit where He was like I’m also healing and reversing a numbness to My spirit. As He is reversing that numbness to His spirit He causes you to become more eternally aware. Aware of who He is in you. Not what you have to do, but who He is in you. And then who He is in you begins to give you the grace to accomplish what you have to do. But, it has nothing to do with your ability. And those that you looking internally is what creates all of those doubts. It causes you to not see what you’re supposed to see causes you to not move how you’re supposed to move because we’re trying to operate out of this out of this all, all of this stuff. But, the Lord is saying, “I am addressing the numbness to My spirit.” I am addressing the numbness to My spirit.

Chuck Pierce – James let’s do this while you’re saying that anoint yourself and say, “I’m coming back– “seven times, 10 times, 30 times, “60 times, 100 fold. “I’m coming back. “My spirit is coming alive.”

Ramiro Pena – And so hear the word of the Lord, hear the word of the Lord as you have just anointed yourself. I declare you are anointed as the tabernacle of David. The tabernacle of David is now restored in your heart. I declare a gratitude and thanksgiving for 24 hour houses of worship all over the world. But, I say you are the tabernacle of David being restored. Now, now it is being restored in you. Look at somebody and say, “The tabernacle of David is restored “in your heart right now.”

James Vincent – ♪ Here He is resurrection power ♪ ♪ Rock my place too ♪ ♪ And I believe there’s another miracle ♪ ♪ Right here, right here, right here, right here ♪ ♪ Right here, right here, right here ♪

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