I Am Healing Trauma and Diseases of the Mind

Voices: Linda Heidler, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: January 31, 2021

Susan Shaulis

There is a healing window that’s open right now. In the particular nation and nature of what God wants to heal, is diseases of the mind. He came so that we would be healed from diseases. Schizophrenia, those that have suffered with it, the Lord says, I wanna come and touch it right now. He says, you’re gonna come into balance in your mind that perverted way of thinking and the separation that’s taken place in your mind, he says, I’m bringing it back into balance and order. He says, there are manic depressed people especially in this time. It has caused the bloodline issue to arise. He says, I’m coming to heal your bloodline and set your minds free. He says, this is the hour that I am going to begin to balance the elements of your mind, the chemical balances in your mind, where they have gone astray and where they have been in a place that I did not destine it. I’m coming to bring the elements back into your mind, so you can begin to think with the mind that I gave you. You’re going to begin to act with the very nature of who I am. And he says that, I’m going to begin to separate your mind from the world, and set you in a place, will you begin to see, who I’m high, the lifted up, so know, I’m beginning to heal, the diseases of the mind, He says paranoia is nothing for me. He says watch me begin to move on those areas of your brain.

Linda Heidler

Along with that, I see the Lord dealing with mental issues that have been caused by trauma and particularly in trauma where one side or the other just sort of takes over and your brain doesn’t work right. It don’t work together and sometimes you find that you just lashing out emotionally and you don’t know why. There’s no logical reason for it. Or where you’re looking at things so logically that you can’t express any emotion toward it. Because in trauma, one side or the other steps up to protect you. And the Lord says, today, I’m going to begin to speak into those emotions that just get out of order. And I’m going to begin to give you some explanation, some reasons so that these emotions can begin to calm down. They can begin to come into right boundaries and where you’ve known, I can look at something and I have no emotional response to it. The Lord said, he’s gonna begin to awaken those proper emotional responses so that you’re not governed by one side or the other but so that, that you have, it’s almost like the balance of spirit and truth, that you’re able to operate in that with right emotional responses and with right understanding. So, Lord, we thank you that by your spirit you can do this, by your spirit you can bring that connection. You can give the revelation, you can still those emotions, you can reveal to that mind what your heart is so that the people are able to step into your true heart over a situation. Lord, we thank you for every kind of therapy but there’s no therapy like the Holy Ghost therapy. There’s nothing like a touch from Holy Ghost to set things in order. Lord, we ask for that supernatural work that will begin to set minds right.

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