I Am Inhabiting the Shadows

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Janice Swinney, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: March 29, 2020

Tobias Lyons – All morning I’ve been seeing the Spirit on everyone here and just in this supernatural realm, and it has outlined them as their form and as their figure, and the Lord spoke to me and He said that, “I’m changing the perspective of the shadow.” And He said that, there is an anointing coming to even that which would seem like its cast down, even that which has seemed like it is under oppression, or under weight. The Lord says that there is an anointing coming by the Spirit, even to those who have been flattened, even to those who have been darkened, even to those who have the weight of depression and oppression on them. The Lord says that there is going to be an anointing coming from the shadow, to the shadow. The Lord says that “I am bringing on a weight of My anointing to the weight that you have carried.” The Lord says that “My yolk is easy, and My burden is light.” So the Lord says those who have felt they have been cast down in the shadow, the Lord says that “There is an empowering coming to you, that there is a strength coming to you, that I am causing you to rise up on your feet, that you will leap like Hinds’ feet on this time.” And in this season the Lord says that “You will leap from peak to peak, to peak to peak! So know that the double portion anointing of the Glory that rests inside of you! That I spoke into you, from the very foundations and the beginning of the world!” The Lord says that that is being activated! The Lord said “I have brought rest to you, and I have brought rest to the land so that my Spirit can move in the midst of the shadows.” So the Lord says know, that this is a time to rise up in the double portion anointing “For even your shadow carries the weight of My Glory!”

Janice Swinney – For those that can see this, Keith is standing here and there is a double shadow. So Lord, we do declare this is the day and the hour of the double portion, for your people as we move forward with You!

Chuck Pierce – Wow. I was over there, I was praying in the Spirit, and I heard this line in the tongue that I was praying: I will turn the shadow of death into an overshadowing of my Spirit. Lord, we thank you for this word this morning.

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