I Am Meeting You at Your Gideon Place

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Kerry Hansher, Marty Cassady, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: October 28, 2018

– [Tobias Lyons] – The Lord says that this is a season of extending and where you have threshed in your own self you’re reach is not long enough for this season. So the Lord says, know that I have sent threshing angels into the earth to extend your reach into the fields. To extend your reach into the nations. And the Lord says, as you partner with the threshing angels I am causing your strength. I am causing strength. I am causing your strength and your intermediary positioning to enlarge and to open up. And the Lord says, know that this is a time where I am caught and am meeting you at your Gideon place. Where you have hidden from your enemy in fear. The Lord says, this is a time that I am causing you to come from fear into future. So know that your future has a portion and in the portion of the strengthening and in the portion of the stretching I am calling you in to a new level and a new field and a new harvest. So the Lord says, partner, partner, partner, partner, partner, partner, partner, partner, partner, partner, partner with the threshing angels.

[Brian Kooiman] – And I also heard in that tongue that that partnering is not a difficult thing. He says, it’s as easy for me as tic-tac-toe. He said, you don’t have to get to an advanced level. He said, I can break it down and make it very easy for you to partner with my harvest angels. He said, when your mind tries to turn on, he says, tic-tac-toe. I will make sure I get the strike.

[Marty Cassady] – And what I heard in that tongue was I’m coming down to chop, chop, chop. You’re hands have been held in a way and I’m coming down to chop, chop, chop and free your hands and free your spirit and free your feet. You’ve had chains on your feet and I’m coming down to chop, chop, chop.

[Kerry Hansher] – And I heard a word for China in that tongue and the Lord said, those of you who’ve been pushed out of your churches into the street, remember that when my gospel came to Jerusalem they were scattered for the harvest. So as I push you out into the streets and as I push you deeper into your home your influence is increasing. Your impact is increasing and know that I’m using you as a prototype for the future. People are watching to see how that the kingdom of God can come in the midst of persecution. So fear not, fear not, fear not, for I am expanding your influence so that My kingdom goes outside the walls of every church around the nations.

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