I Am Producing New Heart in You

Voices: Chuck Pierce, John Taylor
Date Given: March 7, 2021

John Taylor –

I’ve got a picture for Chuck to interpret this morning. I haven’t had pictures for a long time. So, and a picture is a, probably we all remember Superman. On his chest he had a big S but on this picture there’s a big heart. A big red heart.

Chuck Pierce –

One of the things I keep seeing as we worship the Lord is putting new heart flow through us. That’s why in that tongue, he said I’m putting shunts in you. Your heart has grown cold, it has grown weak. And I, and I hear the Lord saying not only am I putting shunts in you but I’m putting balloons in you. And those balloons are going to cause you to rise to that place that you hear clearly. And those balloons. And I even saw when we were talking about the waters flowing, those balloons are going to burst in you and it’s going to cause a flood up through you. The Lord says know this, you need heart to press through that brick wall that has been up against you. So I say this will be a week that I produce new heart in you, and you will have super strength to break through.

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