I Am Provoking A New Move Within You

Voices: Acijam Otxoa, Amman Beeftu, Melinda Richardson, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: January 12, 2020

Acijam Otxoa – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you I’m provoking a new move within you. I’m causing you to say, I must have movement within me. I must have new energy within me, or else I can’t climb to the place you’re asking me to. And I say to you, it’s Me who’s causing you to cry out for new strength. It’s Me you are, that is causing you to say I must have the changes come. It is Me who is now breaking through, so you can break out. I say to you, allow Me to provoke you to a new place of passion.

Chad Foxworth – A new thing just happened to me this morning I don’t usually see angels, but the angel Breaker is here. Before Robin came up and said what she said, I saw that angel come into this place. The Lord is tired of us leaving this place the same. Cycles are being broken. Strongholds are being broken. Addictions are being broken today. If you need a miracle, you need to come to this altar right now, and be free and leave this place different. New expression has been expressed this morning, receive the new song, new cycles are beginning today.

Tobias Lyons – In that tongue I heard the Lord say that there are past altars of worship that have been unfinished. And the Lord says if you have been striving for an identity, for the new season, the Lord says there is gonna be a moment in the seeking and in the reverence of me and you that I am gonna bring you back to that point of unfinished building. The Lord says that I am calling you into a season of building new altars and I am giving you grace to build through the smoke that the enemy would try to blow upon you. So the Lord says that I am sending a fresh wind to blow, listen to the voice, listen to the breath, because in the breath, and in the blowing there is a renew-ness, and there is a revivalist in the breath that will bring you to a place of building new altars of worship.

Amman Beeftu – The Lord showed me a picture in that tongue, He said we’re on a stationary bicycle and we keep looking down at ourselves like oh, we’re not moving. The Lord is saying pedal, pedal, pedal! As you start to pedal the bike, I will break that bike out and it will no longer be a stationary bike and you’ll actually come off the tracks and start moving forward.

Melinda Richardson – In that tongue I heard the Lord said I’m cutting a path and open up a way. I’m cutting pathways where there’s been no pathways. I’m making rivers in places that have been dry. I’ve cut a path this day, will you trust me and obey? Will you walk with me on the path of less resistance, the path unknown to man? Will you go up upon that path that I’ve cut this day? There are angels that are guarding you, there are angels that are pushing it through, there’s almost like when the Jordan stood on both sides and when Elisha struck the water, the Lord said this day I am cutting paths and opening up new ways.

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