I Am Quickening, Fighting For, Shaking, and Reshaping You

Voices: Amber Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Lisa Lyons, Michelle Hadley
Date Given: May 17, 2020

Maggie Wallace – Speaking in the Spirit

Keevy Phillips – The Lord says even now I am awakening a part of your spirit and your soul, that has been asleep, says the Lord. Know this day I am coming to touch that part of you that has not spoken in a long time, says the spirit of the Lord. Know this day I am coming to even quicken your mortal body, says the Lord. You’re gonna begin to speak in new tongues that I gave you, says the Lord. Know this day I am quickening your mortal body to prosper in a way you have never prospered before. I am God and I am coming to visit you, right where you are. Just lift your hands now and say, Lord, come and visit me right where I am. Holy Spirit, come, even touch my physical body. Even touch my tongue. Even anoint my hands to heal. I am coming to visit you, says the Lord.

Amber Pierce – And the Lord says He’s cracking into those places where you didn’t believe, where you thought you believed but you really didn’t have faith. The Lord says I’m cracking into those places and I am shattering that unbelief, I’m shattering that lack of faith, and the Lord says I am fighting your battles. You didn’t know I was fighting your battles. ‘Cause you really didn’t believe that. The Lord says, I am infusing you with faith, and say I am fighting your battles. The things that looked impossible, the things that were traumatizing, that were ridiculous, the Lord says I am fighting those battles. So know this day that that battle you’ve been fighting on your own, I’m now fighting.

Lisa Lyons – And the Lord says I have a body who are a fruit-laden tree. He says the tree that is my people is full of fruit, but it’s still hanging on the branches. God says I’m coming to shake that tree. I’m shaking that tree. He says, I like your preaches. I like your fruit. And I’m coming to shake the tree and it will fall to the ground and feed many.

Michelle Hadley – And I hear the Lord saying that I’m putting you back on the potter’s wheel. I hear glass, I hear pots, and I hear clay pots breaking. He says I’m about to break you and I’m about to reshape you, and remold you, and remake you in this season. He says I’m gonna pour you out like you’ve never been poured out before. He says open your mouth wide and I’m gonna fill it!

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