I Am Ready to Cancel Past Debts

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Jane Arenas, Keevy Phillips, Ramiro Pena, Venner Alston
Date Given: April 7, 2023

Jane Arenas – Singing in Tounges

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you tonight I am ready to cancel the debts of the past. I am ready for you to lift your debts before Me and watch Me mark paid in full. I say back not away and back not down from that debt structure that has tried to overtake you. Hold up your debt, and watch Me blow, and blow you forward, past that which is trying to control you. I say I will be ready to cancel your debt. If you will ask Me to mark it paid in full.

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord says this hour, that “I am making a distinction between My people who are in Goshen, and the Egyptians who will not come after Me. I say, lift up your sound and lift up even your debt that you owe, for this hour. There is a distinction between My people, Israel, and Egypt this hour. I say repent. I say repent. I say change the way you think, for I desire to push you into Goshen. I desire to push you into Goshen,” says the spirit of the Lord. “But I will not push you into Goshen with Egypt thinking. I say repent. I say repent. For Goshen is your portion,” says the Lord.

Venner Alston – And I will even cause those that despised you in your last season, those that tried to hold you captive in your last season, I will cause them to put it in your hand, so that you begin to pay your debt. So your enemies will finance your freedom, financial freedom, in the days ahead. So do not despise your enemy, for they have what you need!

Ramiro Pena – So tonight things are shifting. Shifting, just as Chuck said, the tables set before you. Tonight things shift, and that’s all over everyone here, your cup is overflowing. Your cup is overflowing.

Chuck Pierce –  Hold that cup up. Hold it up.

Ramiro Pena – Look at your neighbor and say your cup is overflowing. Walk in the abundance of the overflow in this new season, now! Overflow, overflow. Your cup overflows.

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