I Am Releasing Abundant Grace and Faith for a New Season

Voices: Barbara Wentroble
Date Given: July 12, 2020

Barbara Wentroble – Chuck says we’re not staying in an old place, that the Spirit of God is saying the old season is over, and it is time to step into the new. And I couldn’t, I couldn’t quit thinking about how God has done that in my life. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never do some of the same things, you just may not do it in the same way. And so I just prophesy over you today that you stand at the promise that God has made for you in days past, and you have wondered, “God, how long?” God, you’ve wondered, “How long will it be until I can possess that that you said I could have?” God said, “This is going to be a new season, where I’m going to cause your faith to rise up in a new way. I say there’s going to be abundant faith, there’s going to be abundant grace, and the grace you did not have in the last season you’re going to have in this season. You’re going to have the grace to do what you feel unqualified to do. But if you will step over, I say, I am qualifying you, by my Spirit,” says the Lord. “I am unlocking that that I put in you, and even the dream I put in you so long ago.” God said, “Do not remain in the old place. Do not be like Lot’s wife, and look back, but I say, move forward and watch me as I position you for a new level in my spirit, in the new place that I am taking you.”

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