I Am Relighting You to Burn Again

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: December 6, 2020

Chuck Pierce – “And I say to you, this will be a week of me relighting you. I say this has been a time where light has continued to burn in you, but now I need to stoke the fire,” saith the Lord. “I say, get ready, for you will build that which I am telling you to build. You will cause something in you to be rekindled. And then I will blow on that flame,” saith the Lord. “I say to you, you lay the wood and watch Me blow on the flame. You keep wanting Me to put the wood in place, but I say it’s you who must put the wood in place and then I will blow and provide every thing that you need. I say to you, today is the beginning of Me relighting. And because I have determined to relight, get ready. You will burn again,” saith the Lord.

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