I Am Roaring to Break Through, Reset, and Release Blessings

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Jonathan Dickson, Linda Heidler, Marty Cassady
Date Given: June 26, 2020

Chuck Pierce – Wherever you’re at, stand up and let that roar loose. It creates a new prophetic covering.

Marty Cassady – And the Lord says in that roar, I have a breaker anointing. I am roaring, but inside that roar, I come as the breaker over you, and many of you have been cowered in fear, you’ve been covered and you’ve allowed the anti-Christ’s spirit that has been loosed in the Earth realm to affect you, to affect you. The Lord says, I see you. I see you. I see you and I say, the breaker is here. The breaker is for you. The breaker will break you out of that fear and bring you in to an understanding of who you are in my kingdom. The Lord says, look up, look up, look up.

Anne Tate – The Lord says that when we started this season of reset, we had too small imagination of how that was. We were thinking about resetting ourselves and resetting our ministry. We weren’t thinking about the lion roaring and resetting it all. But this is a season where he is resetting everything. And I will have my one new man. And you will walk with me in it. Or you will perish. The Lord says, this is a season where I’m bringing everything to bear because I know how it fits and how it comes forth. And you’ve been called to it. The Lord says, stand up and let me roar over you in this season.

Linda Heidler – And the Lord says us, that song of the blessing has gone over the Earth. I am roaring my blessing over the Earth and everywhere that the enemy has roared his curse, I am roaring my blessing. Those who have never heard the sound or the power or felt the sound or the power of my blessing are about to be encountered by it. I am breaking the power of the curse, by the sound of my blessing being roared over the Earth, it is going to realign nations, people, people groups, because my blessing will be over the Earth. My glory will be seen. And under my glory, my blessing will flourish over the Earth.

Jonathan Dickson – And the Lord is saying, I am calling you to stand against the darkness and to let that roar up but there are many of you that have felt that oppression and say, I can’t, this whole time through worship. It was this realigning and that calling into a new alignment. And I kept hearing the voices of those things, but I can’t, I can’t go that way. I can’t go there. And just like she was saying, God is saying, I am bringing the breaker to break that thing in you. So that my roar can come through you. And as you roar you will see the darkness flee.

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