I Am Settling, Establishing, & Aligning Myself in Nations

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 28, 2020

Brian Kooiman – For even of as I have called you to be seated in heavenly places with Me, the Lord says, “You have yet to know My desire “to come and be planted in the nations.” He said, “Even though there’s an ascension in this season, “there is also a time when I’m beginning “to come and settle My feet in the nations.” He says, “I am settling, I’m establishing, I am aligning.” So He says, “In the borders of your city “and the borders of your state or province, “and the borders of your nation, “begin to cry out for My feet to rest in a new way. “Allow My throne to be established in your city, “in your nation, for this is an hour in which My justice, “My rule, My reign will be established “in the nations of the earth.”

Chuck Pierce – Now remember Yeshua Himself said, “The harvest is ripe, but we’ve gotta have harvesters.” I want us to stop for a moment. I want us to pray for the harvesters that God has within our nation and that He will send within our nation. China, I wanna address you, there’s such warfare over that land right now. The government’s rising up, but God’s got a kingdom people rising up. You’re called to be the harvesters, lead the world in harvesting in days ahead. This is so key for us as we move forward. Many of you know I had a visitation and in that visitation, I’ve written about it in “Triumphant Kingdom.” In that visitation, I awakened from a dream and there was an angel standing in the room where I was seeking the Lord, a physical angel. Now, I very seldom, share something of this magnitude. I wanna explain to you, it causes you to tremble when you think of that supernatural dynamic that has come through and is now in the earth realm.

And finally I said, “Who are you?” And he said, “I am the angel of harvest over God’s covenant. “I have come to war on His behalf “for His harvest ahead.” This angel was amazing and he was peering into the future and as he peered into the future, it was as if the world was flat and because I’ve traveled the world so many times, I know the world. I know the topography. I know the geographical centers of the world and all of a sudden as he peered, I stood and peered with him. All of a sudden we could see it looked like crystal wheat coming up throughout the earth and he said, “That is where harvest will be. “That is where harvest will be. “That is where harvest will be.” You’d be surprised some of the harvesting lands that are out there. You are a part of those lands. Vietnam, you’ll come into a great harvest. Iran, there will be a great harvest in that land that you are in.

There will be a great harvest. Religion can’t stop God’s gathering power of harvest and then he went into seven key dimensions of preparation that he would take His people through. We are in one of those preparations now. And this Pentecost is about being anointed together in the harvest. I’m gonna ask LeAnn if she would sing. There’s people out there crying to be rescued. That’s what it says. The word of God says in Zechariah, “Return to the stronghold.” There’s a double fold return, coming out of that stronghold for you. People are crying out to be rescued. I wanna pray right now from nation to nation to nation that the remnant began to hear the Christ. See, that was part of the modern day Passover. The people cried out from oppression. God heard them and set in motion all of these events. As we sing this in worship, I want you to say, “Lord, attune the ears of my spirit “to the crying out of those “that you need to bring in to the harvest today.”

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