I Am Speaking Into the Split

Voices: Robyn Vincent
Date Given: September 20, 2020

Robyn Vincent – When Chuck was speaking and he was down there I begin to get a word from the Lord and He begins to say that He was speaking, Chuck, I don’t even remember what you said, but whatever it was He said He was speaking right into the split. He said He was speaking into the split that happened in divorces. Divorces that came in and He said He was speaking into the split that came into your soul. Those who are products of divorce right now the Lord says that He is speaking into the split, into the tears into the wounds of brokenness.

Because it’s funny that the world would say you came from a broken family. The world would put a label on you and say that you are broken because of your situation but the Lord says, “I say differently.” I say differently. The Lord says that I am the God of the families I am the Lord of the families. In Jeremiah 31 He says in that day, that this day, in that day says the Lord I will be the God of all the families of Israel and they will be My people. This is what the Lord says, “Those who survive the destruction.” Those who survive the destruction will find blessing. They will find blessing even in the barren land for I will give rest I will give peace to My people, says the Lord.

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