I Am Stitching Time Together

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: January 1, 2023

LeAnn Squier – And the Lord says, “I’m stitching together times passed with times present.” And I saw we took a detour in 2012. And I saw Him earlier this morning stitching it, taking up all the slack and pushing it together with 2021. And it was like all these years that seemingly things fell to the ground or things did not come to pass in the way we expected. It was like He folded time together and stitched it together so that I believe last year, even, He set a new order in procession. And so we need to come out of the losses of the past and we need to come out of that timeframe and that timeline, and reframe this as a beginning. This is a beginning. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of those things which seemingly sort of fell through the cracks. So, Lord, we just agree with you now that this is the new, the beginning of the fulfillment, the beginning of the fulfillment, and it even has already begun last year somehow. You positioned us and you begin to set us in a new order and a new mind. A whole new mindset came last year, I believe, and now we are already in the walking out of the fulfillment. This is the time of fulfillment.

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