I Am Synchronizing My People

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: November 24, 2019

  • Chuck Pierce

And I say “there’s a synchronation I’m bringing my people into, there’s movements together that I’m setting them together in.” “I say this will synergize their strength.” “And it will create a sound and a movement that will cause the enemy to make way for a new troop that is rising up in the Earth.” “I say to you, I am the God of war.” “I am Jehovah-Nissi.” “I am the banner over you, and I say my banner over you will cause you to triumph.” “Out of that banner I say let your love arise.” “And from your love, faith will arise.” “And from your faith, miracles will come.” “I say I’m synchronizing the sound of my people.” “I am synchronizing the weapons of my people.”

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