I Am Taking a Stand to Scatter the Enemy

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: May 10, 2020

Lisa Lyons – Woo, Psalm 75: “I will proclaim the victory of the God of Jacob. Our praise will make Him known. Our praises will break the powers of wickedness, while the righteous will be promoted and become powerful.” Lord, we release that out in this place today, over this nation, and over the earth. Father, we say Your praise is breaking the powers of wickedness.

Chuck Pierce – Wow! Shout it! All of this wicked force, we say, you’re being broken down in Jesus’ name. And the Lord would say, the enemy has attempted to scatter you, tried to separate you. But I say, I am now taking a stand to scatter the enemy. I say, decree right now that there is a separation between light and dark. There’s a separation between truth and real. I decree right now that God is on His throne.

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