I Am the Master of the Chess Board

Voices: Rebecca Greenwood
Date Given: September 20, 2020

Rebecca Greenwood – “So, this is what the Lord showed me. He says the enemy thinks he has secured great victories in this season, but I am the master of the chessboard that the world.” “Man and satan have attempted to manipulate through humanism, demonic delay and anti-Christ agendas.” “I have sudden moves that satan and corrupt men and structures will not see coming.” All right, let’s start again . “There will be sudden moves initiated on the game board that will trump evil and corruption, and secure victory.” “Remember that while I hung on the cross, satan thought he had won, but I secured the keys he had stolen and in a surprise not yet seen move, I rose from the grave and defeated death and hell.” “Don’t think that darkness and evil have won!” “Their defeat and destruction was secured on the cross and sealed by my resurrection life. There will be more suddenly surprise moves, I will initiate the final secure move of checkmate.”

“On the game board the enemy has set in motion among the peoples and nations. My Ecclesia must rise above the roar of chaos and see, perceive and discern from My victorious eternal throne room position and operate in the victory strategy.” Oh I loved this part. “The world looks different from the side of victorious redemption.” I just love that phrase. I just love it. Oh you want me to keep going, yes. “I then saw the US in a vision and the Lord spoke, ‘Look for the next sudden and swift strategic maneuvers, they will come suddenly and swift but with great effectual victory!” “I saw the sound of the intercession worship, strategic warfare decrees, prophetic proclamation and decrees resounding out in the sound waves of the spiritual atmosphere. It penetrated and pierced through the canopy and shroud of darkness, evil, lies and corruption.” “And glory, light and justice!” “Broke through shining throughout the land. Now is not the time to be silent. Now is the time for the armed and ready battalion of spiritual warriors to engage to secure the kingdom order for the new era. It is the now time to tip this reset moment into righteous kingdom alignment time and harvest.”

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