I Am Turning Your Head Right Side Up

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: October 11, 2020

Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And I say there’s a hunger that I’m putting in my people. It’s a hunger to be turned right side up. I say to you, you’ve been swimming with your head underwater and seeing some depths and some debris. But I say now, I will turn your head right side up and you will see me. You will see me coming in a way you’ve never seen me come. I say to you, now. I am saying get on board, for that ship that was about to turn up and capsize, now, is about to take off into a new place. So I say, watch me set things all right. Watch me set things in a new order. Watch me pull you up, and strengthen you for there’s a glory in knowing me. And through that which you have just gone through, you will know me in a new way. I say that is what will cause you to walk on waters in days ahead. I say to you, I’m setting things right.

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