I Am Turning Your Trying Into Triumph

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: May 28, 2020

Tobias Lyons – I keep hearing the Lord saying, “open wide your mouth and I’ll fill it.” And He just keeps saying it over and over and over and over and over, almost to the point to where I’m like, I get it, Lord, I understand what You’re saying. But then He said, “open up your open wide your mouth and I’ll fill it” because in the end filling I’m sorry, in the end filling, there is such a release of the glory, that’s coming from the blood. And the Lord said that “as you open your mouth, I can hear nations saying, I’m trying, I’m trying.” But the Lord said “in your trying, I am causing it to become triumph, your trying is becoming triumph.” So the Lord says, “know that where it seems like the upper and the lower jaw have been disconnected.”

The Lord says, “I am causing My miracle working power to reconnect the upper and the lower jaw.” So the Lord says, “daily, keep trying, daily keep trying, daily open your mouth and I will continue filling it until there is such an infilling that in your trying, you begin to speak triumph, you begin to speak triumph into the atmosphere.” So the Lord says to the nations, “where you have called out and said, I have tried,” the Lord says, “know that in My trying, there is triumph and in the opening of your mouth, I am causing you to consume the consumer.

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you personally, many times the enemy has attempted to defeat you. The enemy has come and taken from you, but I am filling you in such a way at this Pentecost that when you speak a word, it will cause the enemy’s locks on its storehouse that’s holding your goods to shake and I say, yes, this will be the season that you will be stronger than the strong man. So keep crying and keep trying, for triumph and unlocking is on the way.

Anne Tate – As Robert spoke to us, the first service, and he said that, “Pentecost came to a house” it was one house in Jerusalem, and today He is filling your house and houses all across the earth. If you’re by yourself in your nation, another Pentecost is coming to you to shift your nation for the spirit of the Lord. The Lord says, “cry out and I will fill the houses of the earth.”

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