I Am Unlocking Your Ability to Multiply Supply

Voices: Chad Foxworth
Date Given: April 30, 2023

Chad Foxworth – I just saw, as we were worshiping this morning, gold dust just falling on each and every one of you. I’ve even saw it on the people watching on the web and I asked the Lord, I said, “Lord, what are you doing with us this morning?” And He said that He’s unlocking. He’s not giving. He’s already given us this ability, but He is unlocking the ability to multiply loaves and fishes. Right now, I want you to lift your hands right now in the name of Jesus, I decree timing to multiply. You will walk under the waterfall of blessing and a cycle of multiplication in the name of Jesus. From this day forth, as you step, He is unlocking the anointing to multiply loaves and fishes. He is saying He is very serious about miracles in this season. He is saying He is ready to multiply in Jesus’ name.

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