I Am Watching the Reins

Voices: Amman Beeftu, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 3, 2020

– Chuck Pierce

And I say I see many reins that are laying on the ground. I see many grabbing those reins and trying to take things to the left and take things to the right. But I say to you, I am watching to see how I grab hold of the reins. Reins over cities, reins over nations, reins over groups, that people are attempting to use to manipulate my purposes. I say the reins are laying waiting and I have a sound that says, whoa! And when I grab the reins, the shocking stop that will come to many places and many people will cause such a jerk in the land that you will feel the vibrations from North to South and East to West. I say, I am getting ready to say, whoa.

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