I Am Working On Your Behalf Amid the Chaos

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Penny Jackson
Date Given: September 18, 2022

Chuck Pierce – Let me share this Word. When Penny sent this Word this morning, I was amazed. Brian, you can show it as I read it. Because it really summarizes the year ahead. We are entering into more intense times. But guys, don’t get bogged with all that. Don’t get overwhelmed by the government, and the elections, and things that are way beyond you. God is in control. We sang it today. We felt Him today. He’s right here with us. “In days ahead you may seek for Me and feel you can’t find Me at first. But know that I am there, know that I am moving mightily on your behalf, operating in mercy, moving against unrighteousness to bring justice. I am protecting My people and calling forth others to reach out to Me. I have heard your prayers.” Do you think He is deaf? Some of you pray and pray and pray and pray and pray. You can work yourself to death with that. “Many will have their worlds rocked in days ahead, in ways they’d never could have imagined. Do not fret, My children. This must happen. All must be revealed for evil to be exposed. The enemy has moved freely behind the scenes for years without being exposed.” “I have seen, I have watched and I have waited. Now is the time that I will move.” Go ahead, Brian.

“Know that I’m not a God of chaos, although things will seem chaotic. Know that I won’t do anymore than is necessary to accomplish what needs to happen.” “What must happen for evil to be exposed. This will begin quickly. It will seem a suddenly to many, but it’s not. It’s been in the works for a long time. I will not be mocked. I will not allow My people to be in bondage.” Look at somebody and say, “Thank God for that.” “I came to set the captive free.” “This wickedness has held My people, My children in bondage. It will not continue.” “This too shall pass, but wait in the fullness of what I am doing. Watch how I move. Wait on My timing because I will need you in this season.” Look at somebody and say, “Get ready to be called up.” He is creative and He can use you. “Only at My command and in My timing. Don’t look to man’s ways to fix things. I can use man’s ways for sure, but focusing only there can limit your understanding of what is happening.”

Don’t scratch no matter how bad it itches. Now God spoke that to me last week. Pam and them were planting flowers all out under the trees because we want a new expression of flowers coming up in the next season. And Thursday she had… She has Poison Ivy everywhere. I said, “But you better remember what the Lord said. ‘Don’t scratch no matter how bad it itches.'” I said, “And don’t touch me.” “Abide with Me in that closeness, that intimacy. I will be your way of escape. Look at My ways. Wait for the fullness of all I will do. I will be your way of escape in this. I will hold you under My wing. I will hold your hearts in My hands as we walk through this time together. It is a time to cling to Me in faith like never before.” “No matter what you see,” say it. “No matter what you see, you have felt Me draw you closer than ever in these days. Abide with Me in that closeness, that intimacy. Trust like never before, because I am in the midst of this and I am working on your behalf.” Let’s thank God for that Word.

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