I Desire All of Your Worship

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: January 15, 2023

Brian Kooiman – Speaking in Tongues

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord will say to you, “This is the day and this is the hour “that I’m requiring you to break your alabaster box.” “This morning before Me and give Me all of your worship “and cast all of your cares on Me,” says the spirit of the Lord. For I desire to take your heavy burden this morning and exchange it for My yoke, Roll your worship on Me this morning. Roll your worship on Me, says the spirit of the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – He says, break it, break it, break it! And pour it out. See, when Mary did that, that’s really what exposed Judas. You have to understand you have certain acts of faith that the devil cannot handle, that he cannot control. And when Mary poured out that lavish gift, he couldn’t control it. It was beyond it. So beyond anything, it paved the way for what the Lord was there to accomplish. Same thing happens with you. She poured it out, and Judas said, “We could have sew that and given it all to the poor.” And the Lord said, “The poor will always be with you.” That lavish beyond giving, hell cannot stop the miracle that it produces. Father, I loose it over us this year.

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