I Have Assured Your Breakthrough

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: January 3, 2023

Chuck Pierce – Think about it, those, those demonic hosts were blocking the entry for where the Lord wanted to go and take His disciples, and He cast them out into the pigs, the economic structure and it went straight into the sea. Get ready, the Lord says, I’m gonna shake it down, and you’re going through into the new place.

Anne Tate – I went to, I lived in Jordan, when Don was assigned in Jordan, and I was already in that gate, I went to that specific gate where the Lord came through, and broke through, and I was on the other side, praying from Jordan, into Israel and Sheryl and John, were at the sea of Galilee, when I did it. The Lord has already assured the victory of the break through at that crossroads

Chuck Pierce – He’s already gone before us, get ready, He says you’re coming through, and coming in, in Jesus name.

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