I Will Awaken My Children of War

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: March 14, 2021

Chuck Pierce –

I just had this incredible memory. My first trip to Africa was in 1986 to meet with people who worked with the children of war from Uganda. During Idi Amin’s reign he slaughtered parents right and left. You’ve heard Genet’s testimony, matter of fact this weekend, I noticed she shared a word at Robyn’s gathering. And what they would do is take all the children, round them up and make them warriors. So these leaders were going in to bring the warrior children out and to restore them and show them life. And while LeAnn was singing I kept thinking, those people are in their 30s, 40s now and the Lord says I put a warring spirit in you in a war time. I even allowed the enemy to bring you into a strong hold but now I am going to sweep across Uganda with my spirit. I’m going to awaken Uganda and other nations in Africa. This will be known as a year of Africa’s awakening. And I say to you what was put in your bones and what was distorted by the enemy will now come under my rules sayeth the Lord and I say all of the war the enemy inflicted you in, this is for all of us, all the war the enemy inflicted you with now will become a joy of victory as you yield the sword from your past with grace into the future. I say to you, get ready, I will awaken my children of war.

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