I Will Have the Last Word

Voices: Linda Heidler
Date Given: September 3, 2020

– Linda Heidler

This morning I heard the Lord say, “I will always have the last word.” He said, “No matter what you say going around you, “I will always have the last word.” And then he took me to several scripture passages and they said, David lost everything in Ziklag, everything he had been taken, the city was burned, his men wanted to kill him. He said, “Within 24 hours, everything had turned around. He had recovered everything that was lost, not only that he had plundered his enemy. The next day, he heard that the one who was trying to kill him, was dead. And he was able to move forward into the promise God had given him. God said, “I will have the last word.” He said with Jehoshaphat. The army had come around the city, and they said, “we’re gonna wipe you out.” God said, “You go worship and watch what happens.” They went and worshiped, the enemy turned on each other not only was Jehoshaphat spared, he plundered his enemy. It took up three days to carry back all the plunder. God said, “I will have the last word.” With Esther, the governmental decree had gone out saying, “You’re all getting wiped out. “And not only that we’re going to plunder all your stuff,” God said, “Fast and pray for three days.” When they did that decree was overturned and not only that, they were able to avenge themselves on their enemies. God says, “In this situation I will have the last word. “No matter what you say going on around you, “no matter what you’ve lost, “no matter the threats of the enemy, “no matter the governmental decrees, “you take your stand in faith, “you get your strategy for me, and I will have the last word.” Now that’s what this watch is all about. This watch is about that confrontation with the enemy where he has raised up and said, “This is what I’m gonna do.” And God says, “Here’s how you’re gonna stop them.” Now, Lord, as we’re in this watch, give us your word, give us your strategy. So that as we follow what you say, you have the last word that we overcome, we recover. We’re moving forward into our promises. We plunder our enemies, and a new governmental order is set. Lord, you have the last word.

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