I Will Meet You in the Middle

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: November 26, 2023

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says, “I’m lifting you out of the middle of your turmoil. I’m lifting you up. Don’t let the middle confuse you for I will meet you in the middle just as I met them. When the storm came halfway across that sea, I said, ‘I will meet you. Take your step toward Me. I will meet you,’ for the other side is speaking clearly to you. And I say to you, just as I met Moses, when I had the people to go to Pi, and I said, ‘Stand still. Lift that rod and lift your hand and watch Me overtake Leviathan.’ As you cross over to the other side, I say, ‘I know how to get you to your other side,’ said the Lord. Let Me lift you up from that which seems to be blocking your way.”

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