I Will Order the Steps of the Righteous

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: December 27, 2020

Amber Pierce – For the Lord say stop striving, for me to order your steps. He says, “don’t you know that I’m the God, that orders the steps of the righteous?” If you will stop striving, and just walk in knowledge, that I order the steps of the righteous, I will light up your path, stone by by stone I will light up your path. As you walk, and as you do, and as you go, as you listen, as you obey. I will order your steps, I will break open the way for you says God.

Chuck Pierce – Now I think that’s a word from God for all of us. Some of us are living in fear of the future, and the Lord says, “if you will trust Me, I will order the steps of the righteous.” Just stay rightly in relationship with Me, and your steps will be ordered. Quit fretting over the evil doers, and let Me order the steps of my people. Lord we receive that, in Yeshua’s name. We thank You that You already have our next step to take. Now, just take a step and thank Him. Take the step and thank Him. And I say angels are already dispatched on your behalf. Get ready, listen, do not, do not, send them away. Listen carefully, I’ll tell you when to turn to the right, or to the left.

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