I’m Bringing a New Fire on My People

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Maggie Wallace, Robyn Vincent, Simon Lyons
Date Given: August 25, 2019

Maggie Wallace – When we started this song and all the sounds were kinda going in a bunch of different ways I had a vision of this elaborate puzzle. And it was one of those that, it was like all the wooden pieces fit together and one piece couldn’t move until another one moved and then this one couldn’t move until that one moved. And I saw each of us as those puzzle pieces that were trying to move and get to where we were going. And the Lord said, “Do you trust Me?” Because some were seeing where they needed to be and they thought they knew the way. And He said, “No I have to take you a different way, do you trust Me? You have to let go, stop trying to go your own way and trust Me to move you. It may look like I’m taking you in a way that’s not going to where your end place is, but trust Me.”

Chuck Pierce – Someway the Spirit of God is really trying to get through to us today, “That there’s a new fire I’m bringing on my people for the next season. There’s a new anointing I’m bringing on them for the next season. That I’m igniting within them a reality that they’ve never had before.” We can’t go forward in last season’s reality and struggles. Lord, we say right now, move on us in a new way. Lord keep delivering us. Keep breaking us through. Keep advancing us.

Robyn Vincent – And what Maggie shared was what I was seeing. That the Lord was saying, every song that we have sang here today has talked about the mature love of God. The perfect love of God. The torch of the Lord. And I hear the Lord saying that, “I am raising up mature sons and daughters. They’re gonna have a perfection of my love within them.” He said, “That is the thing that I am calling for in this season.” He said, “For a mature body, for those who would allow those flames to work within them and that they would begin to be molded and shaped and reformed into the very image of God.” He says, “That this is a time that My body will have My image,” says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – “And I created you in body, soul and spirit. I created you after Me and I want to draw forth the best of Me through every part of you. I say allow me to draw out of you and through you the best that I blew into you.” Now turn and put your hand on somebody and say, “let the fire rise.”

Simon Lyons – I’ve heard the Lord say, “I am releasing a new power to this house.” He says, “I’m releasing a new power to your apostleship. I’m releasing a new power to your mentorship. I’m releasing a new power to your sonship. I am building a wave in the spirit that is gonna be like kerosene to your flame, but it will be a quenching to your enemies.” So Father, we say we are ready. Bless us with the wave of your spirit. Father bless us with your apostleship. Bless us with your mentorship. Bless us with the love of your sonship.

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