I’m Catching You up to See Your New Path

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Tiffany Smith
Date Given: September 19, 2020

Chuck Pierce – Now, there’s no way that LeAnn and the team would know. I asked one of our designers here, “Can you design something for us to wear, that says what you hear the Lord saying for this year ahead?” And so she put an eagle and designed this. She just brought it to me, right before they did this song, “Spread Your Wings and Fly.” Listen to the words of this song. God is telling you… The spirit of the Lord is saying, “I’m gonna catch you up this year. I’m gonna move you into a place of seeing you’ve never been. I’m gonna cause you to look down and see a path you didn’t think you could walk. I’m gonna create new highways for you to travel on. I’m bringing you through and across ravines and across mountains.” I say to you, “Know this: Spread your wings and fly.” Decree that last ceiling that’s been over you is breaking.

Tiffany Smith – I just heard over this team, over the students here, the ceiling has been shattered tonight. There is a grace that is resting on this team to begin to produce an original thing. An original… It’s like a blueprint of the heart of God that has been waiting. He has been waiting and building on the inside of us. And as soon as Chuck said that I saw it being lifted off. So we all… We receive the new grace. To come up. To come up. To come up.

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