I’m Leveling Your Path Ahead

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Maggie Wallace
Date Given: March 1, 2020

Maggie Wallace – I just saw as we were worshipping, I saw in this place there was like little, it almost looked like Doctor Strange, you know how he does his hand and it like opens into another realm? And I saw in different places in this sanctuary where it was like little pieces of Heaven would open up and would manifest in that place. And I just hear the Lord say, “I am getting ready to put you in different realms. It’s gonna be here and there and everywhere, but you’ve got to be ready, and I’m just gonna open it up and you just walk in and watch Me work and watch My glory and My Heavens manifest in this place.”

Chuck Pierce – That’s absolutely right, and the Lord said it like this. He said, “I’m leveling your path ahead. I’m leveling your path ahead. I’m measuring it in a new way. You are coming into a new measure.” So just take a step as we worship.

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