I’m Moving You From Being Waterlogged to Seeing to Leaping

Voices: Acijam Otxoa, Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: February 17, 2019

Acijam Otxoa – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord Says, Your feet are getting waterlogged, you’re trying to stand in the water too long “instead of going into the place where it’s deeper and the treasures are. I say to you, I am moving you from being waterlogged into seeing. I say I’m cutting away that within your cornea, which is keeping you from seeing what I’m seeing. The Lord says, It’s a film over your cornea and it is a spiritual film, and I’m gonna remove it, and you’re gonna say, I’m either going to the deeper water where the treasures are, or I’m going to the higher place where the altitude and the atmosphere is different.”

Brian Kooiman – And some of you had said, That thing that I must leap over, it’s too big, it’s too great, it’s too far for me to get to to get over. But the Lord says, In this season, I’m bringing that obstacle. I’m bringing that enemy, and I’m laying him at your feet. So, he says you don’t have to go from here to there and then figure out how am I gonna go? The Lord says I’m bringing that obstacle, and I’m laying it at your feet. And all you need to do is jump and leap. He says Jump and leap! He says Jump and leap! He says Jump! Jump! Leap! Leap! Leap! Leap! Leap!

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